Friday, January 1, 2016

487th / primary school memories.

Friday, January 1, 2016
Only read this if you are interested in my primary school days, if not don't bother, AHAHAA, since it is long chunk.
I posted this to save my memories from my carefree primary 5 & 6 days. So yep, since my memory getting bad these days AHAHAHA.
This post shall start year 2016, a throwback.
Oh yeah, I am too lazy to proof read this post, so do excuse if there is any errors!

I was a talkative kid back then during primary school days.
My form teacher even put me right in front of him, so that he can teach me more easily.
I hate the idea though, because he kept using my works to visualise and show it to the classroom, and me, being insecure as fuck and kind of stupid and always get answer wrong, I always scared to show it to the class, even though I resist, but still, he showed it anyway.
But eventually, my teacher get irritated by the amount of craps I talk with my friends, and place me right behind of the classroom, he given up hope of me. (LOL)
Right behind of the classroom, by myself, when my other classmates was joined with others to form row, and I'm by myself.
I'm serious, he don't even care anymore, or maybe he does, just that he not as much as he initially does.
He really put in a lot of efforts into teaching me, I can see that.
I was weak in maths, simple multiplication, I always take a long time to count and I would use hands to help me count, but he don't want me to do that - hence there are times where he randomly shout out multiplication questions for me to answer, in the middle of the lesson. I always startle by his question though, ahaha.
I still remember there's one english examination where I failed by half marks, and after checking I still can't really dig out that half marks. And he took the initiative to keep one eye close on one of my minor mistake in the papers and gave me a pass, I was so touched by his action.
I still remember how he always split saliva onto my paper whenever he teach, and HA, that's also another reason why I don't want to let my paper being visualise, this saliva always, arghhh, all over my worksheet....
There's always this china guy sat behind me, and he keep disturbing me non stop uh, there's no peace with me and him sitting near together, thus we always quarrel, in joking way or not - I forget, AHAHAHA, but still, we were always loud and there's one time he was chased out of the classroom, I cheered, AHAHAHHAHA. BUT, little did I know, after that I being chased out, then he returned into the classroom, zzz.
There's also another time, I was chased out, and he was not chased out, I was so fucking angry and thought how unfair it was, so I just go out along with my worksheets and green pen and do correction outside. I didn't really do correction though, but keep scribble the paper with the green pen and drawing rubbish to vent my anger, so yeah, I practically did not listen anything to his lesson, corrections was not done, when he went out of the classroom to see what I'm doing and seeing my scribble mess, he just told me I would fail PSLE. Lol, when I got back my PSLE results I should have  throw my result slip into his face and ask them see my results properly, lmao, I passed, bitch please. /flips hair/
When it's approaching PSLE, one day he just like "predict" who will do well in it and who will not, not sure what he said to me, should have engraved it in my mind, blehx.
I still remember there's a workbook question on parallelism, but there's a somehow hidden question which is ask us to draw arrows on the diagram to indicate the parallel sides, but almost all in the class missed that question and did not do, but I, as a hardworking student decide to indicate the parallel sides (without knowing it is a question) for fun, but also got scolded cause I use wrong arrows, wth you man, at least I wrote something, z, and is scold like literally screaming into your ears, and oh god, I was seated right at the front, back then, my ears nearly exploded.....
I forget is it during this time or another time in the classroom, he was so furious and decided to smash the fan he brought from his home, which is exclusively for his use uh, and is pretty bad in condition I guess, since he gotta use rope to tie up the fan's cover. #joker The whole class chuatio sia, when he smash the fan, luckily this time I did not sit infront, and he asked a classmate of mine to throw the fan away. And when my classmate of mine returned to the class, the teacher asked where he throw it away cause he took quite a long time to get back to the classroom. But he replied - I recycle it. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, fuck the whole class was like are you serious? And teacher have that "you gotta be kiddin' me" face and facepalm, but my classmate just grin. LOL

There's also this chinese teacher, she keep on saying how she's going to retire already, so she don't want to care about us already, LOL. But after years, she still in the school, zzz. Seriously?
She named me and my other 2 friends as the "san ba po" LMAO.
Cause we three just talk, talk, talk and talk, non stop.
There's one time when shit getting serious, lmao, and she could not take it anymore, and she pulled three of us and another classmate of mine to the staffroom. The another classmate of mine get pulled to the staffroom because he keep playing some stuff and get confiscated, and he wanted to claim it back. So he just followed her after class in order to claim that crap back, and the way he tried to asked back the item and argument with my teacher on why he should take the item back was HILARIOUS. FUCKING FUNNNY, we just laughed, but the teacher obviously does not appreciate his humour and scold even more lah, #partypopper
So after this guy claimed the item, left we 3 girls there. And she pulled us to the staffroom to call our parents. I was the first to get called, bloody hell. At first we were all arguing on whose parents should call first, and that teacher keep asking us to dial the numbers, lol, which idiot will dig her grave just like that, so we just stood there argue over nothing, until she fed up and took her computer and find our parents number, and I was the first to get picked, #suayluck
BUT guess what, my parent phone was busy, SHALALALALALALA.
That point of time, our P5 chinese teacher just nice enter the staffroom saw all three of us was like what? getting punish ah? We were like laughing and say yes, lmao, no sense of remorse at all.
So next, called another person, then the teacher was like talking to her parent on how she talk non stop in class, then when teacher passed the phone to my friend and tell my friend to tell her parent what nonsense she did. But my friend just tell her parents that - the teacher talk nonsense, don't listen to her, anyhow one. BLOODY HELL, the teacher was even angry and tried to snatch the phone and slam back to hang the line, the process between my friend snatching the phone to defend her to her parents vs my teacher trying to slam the phone, OH GOD, BEST THING ON THAT DAY MAN.
And yup, my teacher face was so red. x.x
And another friend of mine, lucky uh, escape this calling session cause my teacher could not stand us, so ask us get out of the staffroom and scold us, YUP, another round of scolding, walao eh.
So after the scolding session, we actually tear up a bit, face expression also darken, I forget why though, maybe cause she must have talk about how our parents are working their ass off to pay for our school fees so on, it must have pulled our heartstrings so on bah. Because after we went back to our form teacher's class, he saw our faces, he didn't say anything, must have guess what happen. #smart #mustbeusedtoit #cosnoisykids
There's also one time which someone in our chinese class managed to get hold of her number, and he tried to call her during class, keep spamming and prank call her, and she was so irritated and angry, LOL.
Also, there's a particular day she late, and we all reached and pretty much settled down, but since she took such a long time to go to the class, we decided to lock the door with the broom, and push dustban over and put a rubbish bin on top, LMAO
Here's the photo LMAOOO: (taken without the bin tho AHAHAHAA, I still even have the video lmao, but nah shall not upload cause the quality is like 144p....)
Actually I gotta admit, we all very very playful back then, kids mah. If you tell me this 18year old to do those things again, I tell you - I seriously would not dare.....
My chinese teacher was like 50/60+, pretty old, when she walks, she limps. Now that I recall what I and my friends did back then, I really wonder why I don't scared that she would not able to contain her anger and just heart attack or something sia, touchwood ah.... But seriously /shrugs/

So here comes photo taken my primary school days.....
Oh my god, see our class so kind, we still went to school early, set up projector and do this for teachers day AHAHAHAHHA!

Our favourite activity back then was to take pictures of each other, YES, we are that childish LMAO.
Like seriously sia, even at LRT station or inside LRT we just take machiam like we are some paparazzi, so our phones was spammed with photos, but we only keep those more ugly one uh.... like:
ohgosh, i hope he never find out about this blog ........................

Back then, I always love to buy HL milk and go up to classroom and wait for class to start (Y)


Amazing right, I still got screenshot of past msn chat history.... Too boliao already, and I don't even remember wtf we talked about... Yup, my love for french fries back then was enormous, so tadah hence my name - Proud To Be: FRENCHFRIES SUCKER.<3

I just realise I'm quite childish back then AHAHAHHAHAH, that's why must cover my msn name, dp and stuffs like that AHAHHHAHA

Don't even know wtf she's trying to draw.....

Trying to draw out mr bean, but fail quite badly /shrugs/ 

That was like my 1st sport medal I ever earned, still remember how during P5, mr wong actually refused to let me take part in this inter class captain ball game, cause I keep hit the ball away instead of catching it and throwing to my teammates as a defender. 
So, I did not participate uh, but in P6, he was away for reservist and hence relief teacher relieve us for like entire 2-3 weeks or something, and she choose me to participate, and TADAH, I played and we got silver. 
That year after inter class - it was so messy, damn fucking messy on social media and blogs. 
Like a lot of people bueysong we got 2nd LOL.
Still remember during semi-finals, the opponent team, let's name it as A, throw to me (captain) 2 ball, and we scored that 2 points just like that, and by dk how many points they lose and they just went to toilet and cry lol, like ok.... 
When we went toilet, they were crying in there, then saw us damn bueysong uh, bang the toilet door and glare at us, LOL, till now I feel like laughing at their face, zzz, just get over it man, no sportsmanship. It's said that I actually have great friends in that class we played against, when they lose, I a bit sad okay, zzz.
During finals, that one hoseh man. Against a class that have like tons of athletic kids, especially basketballers. And yup, we lose, by merely 1-2 points? But it was a good game, and we did not throw some tantrum like the other class did, zz. 
But this fuckin class we played against and won as 1st also bueysong us lah, zz smlj sia, and side the class A. There's like huge uproar against our class in social media lo, fucking joke right? And they even claim I caught the ball in a "cutely" manner, I was like wtf? Catch balls, catch with 2 hands uh, I didn't even catch the ball and while acting cute, smh, kids omg. But guess what, we still win the class A, suck it up kids. 
Even when we getting our medals on the another day, they still so fuckin sour about it lah, joker man, some people need to build a bridge and get over it man, zzz.

After getting medals, pretty much I graduate from my primary school, so fyeah. 
And after that the time when I return back to school is during PSLE result release, so yeah, meh meh lo the results, predictable results...
And wit this, HERE COMES TO THE END OF MY PRIMARY SCHOOL LIFE, actually no, only end to primary 5 and 6 , AHAHAHA, that's pretty much I can remember from my primary school days anyway. SOOOO - BYEE.
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