Monday, March 28, 2016

488th / random pieces

Monday, March 28, 2016
Ayo guess who is back to this dead blog, AHAHAHA.
Anyways, I shall only make small updates for today, I actually had 2 post in draft which one I write "behind-the-scenes" in shaw, but I guess I shall post it when I am not working anymore? Hmm, let shall see. 
Another post was talking about the driving experience, YES, finally I decided to challenge myself to take driving license after my dad told me to and being way too bored at home during this holidays (':
I shall divide them into several parts and post the first part when I pass my BTT (': /cross finger/ I hope I will pass within the first try. 
Today, I shall update random shits about my life after exams.
(ps: exam results come in 2days time, #nervous #anxious)

So finally, I had tried monster curry at vivo city, I tried 2nd level, and meh, it ain't even that spicy, I still brought a bottle of mineral water in case it get out of control, but nah.
Anyway, it tastes good! Even though it is a little bit pricey. Portion wise for me, it might be a little too big as usual for one portion, but still I can still finish it all, (Y).

Some days ago, finally met up with that bunch of friends (lingli, fann and gil) (((':
It is so hard to meet up with friends these days when every one is so busy with their own stuff. 
But first, before meeting up with them, when to sing K with fann, actually, more like scream K. 
It is an insane session and my throat got so sore.....
After that went to waterway point for dinner @ din tai fung and chill around the shopping mall till nearly 10pm, chilling and chatting is the most enjoyable thing when meeting up with friends ((:

Last week, went to ubi for induction programme, I cannot stop grinning when I sit in the car, cause' I am so excited AHAHAHAHAA.
I shall keep this part short because I actually had written the whole process in another post, so till then, I shall sign off, and byee ~ 
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