Thursday, April 7, 2016

489th / the journey to obtain driving license pt1

Thursday, April 7, 2016
So, I finally decided to get a driving license after realise that I will be having a no-life holiday. Since I do not enjoy going to work on weekdays, as cinemas are practically empty, and most of the times will be boring, so I decided to work on saturdays and maybe some fridays only. So so so, I decided to go ComfortDelGro Driving Centre a day right after my exam.
So I reach around 9.21am, according to my snapchat; when I reach there the customer service area is practically empty, apart from the staff. So upon reaching, I went to take a ticket queue and immediately is my turn already. So after told the staff I wanted to enroll for 3A class, I was asked to watch an introduction video in a room, which is about the whole procedure blah blah; and right after I exit the room - the customer service area is filled with people, I am like - my timings is da best, muahahahaha. 

Did eye sight check, and asked if I wanted one team or common pool. I can see how the staff was convincing me to opt for one team, lmao. Anyway, that staff succeed, as once she said that booking of practical lessons is much easier for one team, I was like - ok, say no more, I want one team (((': which is additional $5+ per practical lesson. Honestly, I do not really care if I am using the same car throughout the practicals, after all, their car model are the same anyways.....

During enrollment process, the staff made small chats with me; like why I did not want to get braces and talk about how useless house phone numbers are (cause I provided my house number as emergency contact number, lol....). Whatever.

After that, I paid like $220+ for enrollment, including induction programme for practical, deposit and paid for one basic theory test. They also gave me course manual which consist of basic theory and final theory books. After that, went back home and chiong my e-lessons for theory which I completed within like hours..... (because I am way too bored). And honestly, their e-lessons webpage is quite crappy, not functioning that well.....

So I also booked for e-trials, and I think I am digging my grave LMAO, I actually chose 8.15AM session, so guess who going to wake up bloody early on that day.... #huatah


Second trip to school, this time round for induction programme for practical. Assigned to car 252, and instructor named Philip Ang. Apparently, there should be 3 people, including me to report to the instructor, but one of them did not come, so ended up me and another girl. 
I had a hard time finding car on that day; I was like staring at the map and finding my way blindly, luckily in the end I decided to go main carpark because I gave up - and tadah - found the assigned car. When I sit inside the car, I was grinning so hard, AHAHAHAHA, #excitedgirl97

Basically, the induction programme was like introductory lesson, he teaches stuff like how to adjust the mirrors properly, how to adjust your seats properly, checking of car condition before moving off, and braking. Because another girl could not speak english, so my induction is carried out in chinese - I was damn sian okay. Like boy, I study everything in english, then you change to chinese, everything the instructor says I need time for my brain to translate and process..... What 五分之一, 你的中间不是他的中间...... I am like fuck this shit, just aga-aga ah, since he says next practical lesson the instructor will still go through again................... You might be wondering then why should I come for this session then - well, they said this session is for us to get the basics roughly, so that teaching for subsequent lessons are easier.

The instructor also show us the different meeting points and it ended like barely 30minutes? The staff actually said this would last 50minutes, so I am pretty surprise when it ended early. And this induction programme requires a fee of $32 (11.10am session, weekday).

Went for e-trials - which is like mock tests of BTT, there are 10 sets to do only. 
The first time I went I got like 3-4 test fail, but 2nd and 3rd time onward, managed to pass all. 
And since some questions are repetitive, some are also rephrase in another manner I managed to clear them quite fast and went home early.
By the 3rd time I go for it, I finish all 10sets within less than 2hours....., 50x10=500questions yoz #notbad
And it since as if I am the only one taking BTT or what, almost everyone around me are doing FTT when I glance at their monitor....
So there are 5rows of computer, some are touch screen - which is a pain in ass, cause I got to tap so hard in order to key in the answer, and I could not bother to use that touch screen pen cos' it make so many tap tap sound #annoying ah.
My advise is come and reach early, so you can get to choose to face computer towards the window.... So that even you fail, people behind you cannot see it #saveface
Oh yeah - their internet connection sucks. So if you trying their e-trials - type in your learner ID and password beforehand, and hover your mouse at sign in button, once the person in-charge say you may start - press the sign in button immediately, if not - you gotta wait quite a while for their system because everyone is signing in at the same time....
No copying, no taking pictures, no taking notes, no usage of phone - it is pretty annoying, like damn I wan to take down some points, but I just remember them and once I step out of the room I write down immediately... #butstill

Today is the day of my BTT!!!!
Initially I got 15april instead when I enrolled, but I regretted immediately when I reach home, so I change to 7april, used up one of my 18 cancellation chance, #meh
So they asked for IC, I showed them, and they gave me this slip, which had my station number and password. 
I guess I am like the first to finish? 
I am so amazed at myself, AHAHAHAHHAHAA.
The test started quite early, after their brief us - we can start the test already, and by the time I finish it was like 11:45am #AHAHAHAHHAA
I did quite fast tho, because I tell myself to check later instead, WHICH I did not in the end, cause to be honest, I am so lazy..... So I just end the test instead, and BANG - pass.
I am so excited then I just rush out of the room; the questions are so like those questions in the e-trials, so do your e-trials and e-trials are really important.
Sadly, the kiosk machine that allows us to print the results is down, so unable to print the results slip, ZZZZZ
I will try to print again next time I pass by......
After getting the results, I went to the traffic police department and signed for provisional driving license, this is a piece of paper that is needed in order to start practical lessons.
So it looks like this.... 
I still don't know if I should tear out from the paper and go laminate it, because I am pretty sure that piece of weak paper will be destroyed easily in my hands if there is no protection.... #thatsme
The queue to apply PDL took me quite long ah, almost 30minute. 
It also requires eye-sight check and payment of $25, it only last for 6months...........
Upon getting this I went to check if there are practical slots - but apparently, NONE all the way till end of May. Which means I gotta wait till June to officially start my practical, AHAHAHAHA. wth is this. 
Anyway, I was warned beforehand, so I see it coming, but still it is annoying. 
So I guess this piece of paper shall rot aside for now, and I shall start reading my final theory test slowly, and take the test like during Aug/Sept? No point taking it early anyway, since I can start practicals, and FTT is needed only when you trying to take TP. 
Moreover, heard a lot of people said that practicals actually help in FTT...

So I guess, here is the end for 1st part, and 2nd part? I guess only after June I will then post, cause practical lessonssss!!!!! TT. Till then, byeee~
PS: lazygirl97 here, pardon if there is any spelling mistakes. 
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