Wednesday, September 14, 2016

491th / part 2 of the whole driving license thingy

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Since I got some time right now, so time to update this little space of mine...
Just got back from my practical session, which is like my 8th lesson, honestly throughout every session I felt that I want to give up, cause' ohmygod the instructor is not making things better and learning to drive isn't really easy either, but also, every time towards the end of the lesson, I can't wait for the next lesson, LOL; bloody fickle minded sialah me ((':
But still, I won't - reason mainly because I still want my driving license and secondly - $$$$, like damn gurl, I already spent nearly 1K in this shit, ain't gonna withdraw now. 

I got this damn problem with the accelerator that my leg just can't maintain on the accelerator, either my leg will go release the pressure or increase the pressure (((''':
And this make it so hard for me to go on slope...
As I need to depress the accelerator and at the same time, prevent the car from moving - that need one heck of a skill man (for me).
When I was learning the slope part, it was raining so badly and I nearly crash onto the car beside me, BUT I did check my blindspots and signal, and that damn car just go forward, THANKS man thanks; then the instructor just immediately think is my fault, ohmy, THANKS too, thanks.

-from here onwards is written today-
5 more lessons before TP test, I am so nervousssssssss!
So unlike those "regular" days, today - neither did I mount or strike any kerb nor did I had any problems parking my car, HOORRAYYY!
Just that, whenever I am trying to change lanes, I check blindspot straightaway without checking the mirror, lmao........
But still, today lesson is quite smooth ah! ++ the instructor that took me today is not the sarcastic guy, muahahaha (((:

I shall talk about this whole damn process of trying to get a TP date -
Technically speaking, I am able to book for TP since June, but thanks to school, projects, exams and bunch of us trying to snatch practical slots, I only managed to book during September, while I was having my exams........ zzz
After I spam call almost every day calling up them to find out the latest available dates - because who da heck wants to go down CDC just to ask for dates? Some more during exam period yoz, (':
The availability of TP dates literally fluctuate every single moment.... 
One day I was trying to book for a particular date, but it was not released yet, but the next day I try to book again - that whole particular week is taken up already, W.T.H.
So yup - no choice, chosen a later date...
Now I can only cross fingers and hope that the timings that I chosen is not too screwed and pass within the first try because the cost of one TP is not cheap horr! $250++ #poorgirl #cannotaffordtofailtwice

Okay.. that's all for this post, I shall update after my first TP try, hopefully there isn't a second one, and till then - ciao! 
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