Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
It has been so long since my birthday, to commemorate such wonderful day, I shall list down 10 things that is on my list of things that I want to do/try before I get old or something (for now, and you might be thinking why 10? not 19, when it is 19, well, I can't think of so much in one shot), it is not something that is very wild, just something that I want to try/do, so let's start! -

#1 Sand dune bashing 
This is top top top on my list
I always wanted to visit a desert, like in dubai or somewhere and try sand bashing, or whatever they called; moreover it seems so thrilling and it is one activity that for a scaredy cat like me, is able to handle AHAHAHAHAH.

#2 Kick off this "compulsion" of mine 
I got this habit, which I keep check and check and check and check particular thing just to make sure I did something.
Like locking up my house, after I lock the door, I tend to try to open the door and try to see if it is locked, and I keep repeating this action, which I never did it - in the past, I just lock and go, I don't even bother check anything.
Same goes to closing the windows - I keep walk around the house just to make sure it is closed before I go out... 
And whenever I pack my stuffs for school, I just keep open my file to check if I got bring particular worksheet, then put back into my bag and then open my file again... 
Another situation? I keep on on and off my phone just to make sure I did on my alarm and set the correct timings... This kind of frustrates me to be honest, because of this, my on/off button on my phone is a bit spoilt, shit....

#3 Visit Cape of Good Hope
I wanted to visit cape of good hope for a loooooooong time. 
To be honest, there isn't any particular good reason I want to visit there, I just wanted to take a good look at the headland that was mentioned in my secondary history books, that's all.

#4 Drive around Singapore
Hopefully, I managed to get my driver license and drive around Singapore with my friends or something. It will be soooo fun!

#5 Zip-line
I know, I tried flying fox back then in Bintan, but I closed my eyes and just scream, AHAHAHA, didn't managed to get a good look at the view - anyways, the view there also not that fantastic...
I would want to try this in other countries where the view is like breathtaking? Definitely not the one in sentosa ((('':

#6 Walk on the glass bridge 
In China or in London, I don't mind either, can take really cool photos anyway, (((((:

#7 Travel with friends
Travel out of Singapore, I'm pretty sure this should be on the list for most of people out there, so yeahhhh ~

#8 Adjust my body clock 
Thanks to the mighty school that throw in stuffs like projects and exams into my life, a person like me - that usually sleep like 11pm, now I sleep at 12/1am just to revise and do work, and now it is becoming a bad habit.
Moreover, I love to go out during the morning - especially town, it is so peaceful and not so crowded and also to watch movies.
I know, some people think I am crazy or something, waking up so early just to go town to walk around, but hey, you should try it AHAHAHAHAHAHA, the feeling is seriously different (Y)

#9 Learning Korean
Reason? I would not need to wait for english/chinese subs to be released in order to watch my shows, ((':
Of course, to travel and shop around south korea more freely, moreover learning a new language is a +point ~~

#10 Watch a football match 
To be really honest, I don't really watch and follow football, but I still wish to watch some football match with like few of more well known football club in Europe; since I actually enjoyed watching how the ball is kicked around, yeah I know, I am a bit crazy.
I did watch some of the local football match live at the stadium with my dad (because I was dragged by him and bribed with a hotdog......), and I would love to do it again with him while watching some premier league etc match in a very big stadium while buying and wearing favourite club jersey and cheer, woohooo! ((:

& here you go, 10 things I wanted to do (once I got the $$) AHAHHAHAA, peace out now~
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