Monday, January 2, 2017

493th / two-oh-one-six

Monday, January 2, 2017

Let me start this post with a throwback photo, from 2013. Oh damn, it look so young back then, I want to stop growing up already lah..... (((''':
Another year just pass by like this, and I am now a year older. 
Now, it is time to reflect on my 2016. 
Was 2016 the best year among the 19 years of me breathing? No. But is it the worst? Not really. 2016 to me was really dull. Really dull and tiresome. 
I actually blog for 6 times in this year, that is like once every 2 month... OK....
But I did wrote some posts, but ended up saving as draft, because I could not be bothered to transfer photos to the computer and post. 
And yet I don't want to post my posts without photos because it just.... not nice... (': 
Well, I will post them sooner or later, cos' I ain't going to let my efforts go to waste, since those posts are just lacking of photos...

This whole year was spend on poly studies, just like that.
I really don't like poly, and still hoping to graduate and get the diploma as fast as possible. 
They are right, poly friends really aren't those friends that will accompany you the most in your life, at least for me. 
Just read my post about my 2015, and seriously, my 2016 is like my 2015. 
One major thing happened in 2015 which is collection of my O level results and me going to tertiary studies.
While the one major thing happened in my 2016 is me getting driving license, yes people - I can drive on the roads, but /erhem/ no car...

So yeah, this year highlight is probably the time where I get my driving license. 
Give a clap for yourself man, zy, you kill it within one try; that save so much money and hassle for you, not bad.

To be honest, I had no expectations for 2016, just let nature take its course and see what it brings, so to describe 2016 with a line - it is just a long straight flat line. 

Because unlike 2014, 2016 there weren't ups and downs, not sure if it was a good thing - because nothing really bad happens, but nothing good happens too, so /sigh/.
And since I will be still trap in poly in the year of 2017, so I probably don't have any much expectations for 2017 too, just live everyday and see what the future brings to me. 
Although I got a list of things that I wish it will happens to me in 2017, but still - don't know if that will happen or not, I am just going to put in my best and see the results...
Nonetheless, I am still looking for ward to 2017, hope that it will be more exciting than 2016.

I can't even give a proper summary of mine 2016 - since my phone could not receive any signal, I actually just restore the whole phone after only backing up photos that I took during EXO concert, yeayea, I know, idiot, retard blahblahblah, that's me. 
But I could not wait to restore the whole phone so yeah, my phone currently is back to square one. Nonetheless, I got a new phone in exchange for the spoilt one, so yeah - my phone is free from scratches (not sure how long will that last tho....).

Also, I can't really read my dayre and summarise my 2016, cos apart from my daily rants, whatever I post is just minor little things. Too insignificant already ((': 
But if you are curious what kind of shits I post, here you go -

With that, I shall end this post, 2016 you were okok, but still another year kind of well-spent, and cheers to 2017! 
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